ICDL Introduction To Digital Marketing


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This course focuses on essential concepts and skills relating to the fundamentals of digital marketing. In the 2 days course on ICDL Introduction to Digital Marketing, you will understand why digital marketing has become so important today. With most businesses going online, incorporating a digital marketing strategy as part of the overall marketing plan of a business has become vital for a business’ chance at success.


In the workshop, you will be introduced to various platforms of digital marketing. This includes creating a web presence, optimising content for search engines, using social media platforms, carrying out online marketing and advertising across a range of services, as well as monitoring and improving campaigns using analytics.

At the end of this 2-days course, you will be able to:

  • Identify key concepts of digital marketing, including advantages, limitations, and planning
  • Recognize various web presence options and how to select appropriate keywords for search engine optimization
  • Identify various options for online marketing and advertising, including social media platforms, search engines, e-mail, and mobile marketing.
  • Recognize how effective social media management assists in promotion and lead generation
  • Use a social media management service to schedule posts and set up notifications
  • Understand and use digital marketing analytics services to monitor and improve campaigns

  1. Key Concepts
    • Define key Digital Marketing elements such as SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, EDM and Social Media Marketing
    • Recognize the pros and cons of digital marketing and regulatory obligations of digital marketing in Singapore
  2. Planning
    • Recognize key elements involved in Digital Marketing strategies for development of digital marketing plans
    • Recognize the types of content, such as infographics, memes and videos, used to drive traffic
    • Discuss how digital marketing is aligned to business goals
    • Select appropriate target audience and platforms to execute strategy


  1.  Web Presence Options
    • Differentiate between various web presence solutions such as information websites, blogs, e-commerce websites, mobile sites etc
    • Discuss the key steps involved in establishing your web presence: purchasing a domain name, registering domain name with a web hosting service, website building and promotion
  2. Website Considerations
    • Describe the functions of the main landing pages of a website, i.e. home page with product/service information, Contact Us page, sitemap & etc.
    • Understand website design terms such as user interface (UI), user Experience (UX), responsive design, browsing capabilities to manage website functionality
    • Recognize good practices for website content creation and website promotion
  3. Search Engine Optimisation
    • Understand the rationale behind the selection of keywords when optimizing content in your website and how it can affect the website’s ranking on Google search


  1. Social Media Platforms
    • Understand social media marketing campaign elements such as choosing appropriate platforms and creating bespoke content for targeted audiences, tracking and evaluating campaign effectiveness
  2. Social Media Accounts
    • Differentiate profiles for personal, business, groups or event purposes.
    • Understand Social media actions like post, tag, hashtag, comment etc.
    • Create, edit, delete a post on news, create events and polls


  1. Understand Social Media Management Services
    • Leverage on social media platforms to manage large volumes of social media activity
  2. Marketing and Promotion Activities
    • Understand the term Influencers, target audience, video marketing, review, referral, viral and URL shortener
  3. Engagement, Lead Generation and Sales
    • Identify good practices such as setting up notifications on a social media profile to engage your audiences on social media
    • Understand the terms that can be used to generate increased traffic and leads


  1. Online Advertising
    • Identify common examples of search engine marketing platforms such as Google AdWords
    • Differentiate between the different types of online advertisements
    • Recognize the importance of sponsored posts in increasing the interaction and engagement on social media
  2. E-mail Marketing
    • Manage email marketing accounts, schedule and create campaigns
  3. Mobile Marketing
    • Recognize that mobile marketing can increase access to more customers in a targeted manner, i.e. location based
    • Discuss how mobile marketing considerations, such as tailoring keywords, can lead to increase in sales generation


  1. Getting Started
    • Understand the term analytics, the importance of using analytics tools and setting up analytics reports to measure performances of digital marketing campaigns
  2. Web Analytics
    • Understand what web traffic is and what constitutes quality web traffic through terms such as unique visitors, impressions, clicks, bounce rate, conversion rate, click through rate etc.
  3. Social Media Insights
    • Understand how social media insights can help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities in generating sales on your selected social media platforms
    • Understand social media insights terms such as engagement, reach, mentions, trends, inbound links etc.
  4. E-mail Marketing and Online Advertising Analytics
    • Understand common email analytics terms such as pen rate, click rate, bounce rate, total subscribers etc.
    • Understand common online advertising terms such as pay per click, cost per thousands, cost per conversion etc.

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