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3 Days
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Do you feel a sense of anxiety when someone requests for you to create or review long documents? It is easy to feel nervous and uneasy even when you are merely tasked with editing and reformatting long documents, especially when we take into consideration how time consuming it is to proofread, improve on or reorganize content. It is therefore important for you, the document creator or reviewer, to be familiar with advanced word processing functions so that you can work on the documents productively and yet be able to give a professional touch to your documents.

In this comprehensive 3-day ‘ICDL Perform Advanced Word Processing Functions (Word Advanced)’ course, you will first be guided to segment your word documents with sections, headers and footers. Next, you will be taught how to customize documents with your organization’s brand elements using watermarks.

Advanced text, paragraphing, table formatting, referencing, linking and embedding, spell check, and document security features will be taught to you so that you can give your documents a professional touch to impress your superiors, fellow colleagues or clients.

Last but not least, mail merge techniques, fields and ready made forms and templates within word will be introduced to enable you to enhance your productivity for the preparation of various document types.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use advanced text formatting features to enhance formatting and output of a document
  • Apply referencing features to documents
  • Use advanced word processing functions to enhance productivity when creating, producing, reviewing and distributing complex documents
  • Manage collaborative editing process of documents

What you will learn?

Text and Paragraph Formatting

  • Considerations for Designing a Word Document
  • Advanced Find and Replace Options
  • Using and Customizing AutoCorrect
  • Create & Insert AutoText
  • Positioning Graphics
  • Change Line Spacing & Spacing btw Paragraphs
  • Applying Paragraph Pagination
  • Apply, Create, Modify and Delete a Style
  • Outline Level Styles
  • Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Use & Format Columns & Column Break

Advanced Table Formatting

  • Using Table Styles
  • Merging and Splitting Cells/Tables
  • Converting Text to Table or Table to Text
  • Working with Sorting and Formulas
  • Adjusting Table Alignment and Text Wrapping
  • Working with Cell Formatting
  • Repeating Header Rows and Applying Row Breaks

Formatting the Page

  • Using Page Breaks
  • Working with Section Breaks
  • Applying Section Formatting
  • Using Headers and Footers
  • Working with Watermarks

Working with References

  • Using Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Working with Captions & Table of Figures
  • Creating & Use of Table of Contents
  • Create, Mark, Insert and Update of Index
  • Using Bookmarks
  • Using Cross-references

Working with Fields and Forms

  • Working with Field Codes
  • Creating a New Form
  • Adding Content Controls
  • Assigning Help to Form Content Controls
  • Preparing the Form for Distribution
  • Filling Out a Form

Performing Advanced Mail-Merging

  • Editing the Data Source
  • Selecting Different Type of Data Source
  • Inserting Rules Fields

Linking and Embedding

  • Insert, Edit & Delete Hyperlinks
  • Differences between Linked and Embedded Objects
  • Linking Object
  • Embedding Object

Automation with Macros

  • Recording a Macro
  • Playing and Deleting a Macro
  • Adding a Macro to Toolbar

Using Collaborative Editing Tools

  • Tracking Revisions
  • Accepting and Rejecting Revisions
  • Using Comments
  • Comparing and Combining Documents
  • Password Protecting a Document
  • Protecting a Document

Managing Outlines and Long Documents

  • Creating a Document in Outline View
  • Rearranging an Outline or Long Document
  • Numbering an Outline
  • Viewing an Outline
  • Navigating Long Documents
  • Working with Master Documents
  • Expand, Insert & Remove Subdocuments
  • Make a Subdocument Part of the Master Document

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Virtual Classroom
@Ask Training

@ASK Training Pte Ltd is specialised in providing ICT Training (Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013, PC Maintenance, Video and Audio Editing & Website Design) and Soft Skills Training (Management, Interpersonal, Writing, Presentation & Motivational Skills) to government agencies and corporate clients in Singapore.

In 2014, we are accredited by WDA as an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) to provide WSQ Training and Assessment. We have since expanded our training programmes to include ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) certification courses.

As a committed training provider, we strive to deliver effective training programmes for participants to enjoy personal growth in learning and achieve higher business productivity in their organisation.

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